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    The iconic heavy metal band Kiss launched Kiss Her in 2006 for the fun, rebellious and young at heart women of today. The perfume is a mix of mellow and warm fragrances that have a versatile appeal as day and evening wear all year round. The bottle opens to the sweet aroma of fig leaf that leads to the spicy peppercorn notes for a breezy, feminine appeal.

    vanaf: € 90,09
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    The perfect cologne for everyday use, Kiss Him by Kiss is a masculine, powerful fragrance launched in 2006 and makes for a great gift for all Kiss fans. The perfume has an Oriental, woody appeal and is excessively masculine with smoky, spicy hints. The top bergamot note has a very peppy, tangy whiff that complements the spicy core.

    vanaf: € 21,19
Toont 1 - 2 van de 2 items

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